Shelly Heimer

Shelly Heimer is a native to the San Diego region; moving to the town of Ramona when she was 8.  Shelly is a strong advocate for human rights and gender equality. She is passionate about empowering women through equal opportunities and education.  It is with these strong principles she is raising her three daughters. Shelly has continued these beliefs as a member of The Soroptimist International for 13 years. 

Not only is Shelly a supporter of Women’s rights, she is an American Patriot.  Shelly Served 6 years in the United States Army as a Communication Specialist. Being one of very few women in her unit Shelly portrayed technical and tactical competence while enhancing the combat readiness of her unit.  Mrs. Heimer excelled as a woman in the Military by persevering through the criticism in a chauvinistic field. 

Since leaving the Army, Shelly has gone on to become a vastly successful small business owner.  As owner and Branch Manager of H5 Financial, she has built a company based on compassion and community.  H5 Financial isn’t just a Mortgage Broker, it’s a family built up of all women who strive to deliver exceptional support and understanding through the home buying process.  Shelly Heimer and H5 Financial are tremendous givers. They are sincere about helping others and giving back. A portion of every loan closed is donated to the ‘Here with Hope’ Childhood Cancer organization and ‘F.O.R.U.S.’ (Friend of Ramona Unified Schools).