Hipolito Garcia

Born and raised in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. Hipolito has achieved great success, from humble beginnings. His professional success is a testament not only to his fundamental understanding of a highly competitive industry, but to his drive and passion for his community. Along with his drive, comes a determination and willingness to learn at every opportunity, which he furthers in the form of mentorship within the community.

Hipolito has been in the Mortgage Banking Industry for sixteen years. Hip’s currently with Caliber Home Loans as an Area Manager. Prior to Caliber Hip was in a leadership role with JP Morgan Chase. Hipolito was able to quickly rise through the ranks, and achieve professional success - all the while paying it forward. This is clear in his ongoing efforts in the community, and by bringing about continuous awareness and education on the benefits, and access to home ownership through the continuous education of both individuals and families, as well as the real estate professionals who serve them.

Currently residing in the northwest suburbs. Hipolito spends his weekends like any other dedicated father. When he's not frequenting the local movie theater with his favorite dates - his two elementary school aged daughters, he's playing Hot Wheels with his young son. He also enjoys family vacations, and short getaways with his lovely wife of 16 years.